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BMI - Weight alert calculator

The Weight Alert Calculator calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a measurement based on your body weight and height.  The BMI result indicates if you are under or over your ideal weight associated with health risks shown in below chart.  If you got BMI of 18.5-24.9, this shows lowest health risk solely based on BMI value.  The higher the BMI value, the greater the risk of having health problems, such as diabetes, cardivascular disease, high cholesterol or hypertension.
Exceptions to a high BMI value, if you are competitive athletes, body builders (high BMI caused by high muscle mass), and also women who are pregnant or lactating.  The BMI value is not applicable for growing children or elderly people as well.  (Click here to further check your Body Fat %)

Match your BMI score with above chart.

select height and weight
BMI Spy calculates your body mass index (BMI). This is a measurement based on height and weight. It indicates if you are under or over your ideal weight.

Enter your height in feet and inches and your weight in pounds (lbs) in the form above. Then click on the button "result".

Weight Alert works ONLY with Internet Explorer 5x/6x, Netscape Navigator 6x/7x..
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