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NewsMotion is a neoteric website providing comprehensive and instantaneous online world news alert which includes interests about internet, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, society, science, business, industry, Chinese, Sale and countries.

We report more than 6,000 breaking headline news per minute, it is updated continuously throughtout the day, and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NewsMotion enrich people’s lives with a wide range of distinctive services for everyone, free of political bias. They include news alert, famous and motivational quote, match maker, event reminder, worldwide weather, shopping coupons and other features for key interest groups. We also enable companies to access Internet news relevant to their business at their convenience.


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FAMOUS & MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE : Positive thinking is the sure way in dealing with the current global economic downturn. To actively support your loved ones, NewsMotion provides famous and motivational quotes to them through the turmoil of adversities. We deliver daily motivational quotes to your INBOX, together we build a better tomorrow ...

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